Killer Value: Main Divide Pinot Noir

The popularity of wines produced from the Pinot Noir grape has seemingly skyrocketed over the last couple of years. Aided by a number of factors, including the notorious wine film “Sideways”, Pinot has become the wine public’s darling. The problem with Pinot Noir however, is that you often have to spend a good chunk of […] Continue reading

Summer Scotch

I know this is a wine blog but sometimes we like to get down with Spirits, so without further delay here is some thoughts on Scotch Whisky… Some may not consider a nice single malt as a great summer beverage, but I disagree. A silky, seductive and lightly peated dram sipped slowly in the throes […] Continue reading

The house that Perrin built

The wine world is a crazy place… more volatile than Britney Spears’ mental health and changing faster than her outfits. There are new producers popping up left, right and center with wineries trading hands, being bought and sold and being swallowed up by huge conglomerates. Among the chaos however are those wineries that stand like […] Continue reading

BBQ’s + Wine = Awesome

The title of this entry contains an important equation. When Barbeques and Wine get together they create an offspring called awesome. I guess here in Alberta we cherish our summers even more than most parts of the world and I am no exception. I am longing for the summer, and thus barbecue season, with the […] Continue reading