It’s more than a drink…it’s a philosophy

At the small graduation party for my Sommelier class a wise man said to us that “wine is more than a drink…it’s a philosophy.”  That short sentence really sums up what I love most about wine. It would be easy to view wine simply as fermented grape juice, a way to impress the ladies or a good way to get a little tipsy on a Friday night. For wine lovers it’s so much more though.

Our world today is crazy. People expect instant gratification and drive-thru’s run our lives. We use drive-thru’s to get our lunch, our coffee, do our banking, get our oil changed and more. What’s next, drive-thru haircuts? Drive-thru prostate exams? In a world where we rarely stop to smell the roses wine is the ultimate oasis. To truly appreciate a wine, or a dinner involving wine and food pairing, requires one to take the time to immerse ones-self completely.

People may look at me like i’m crazy, but truly losing myself in an outstanding wine is one of my greatest joy’s. Getting lost in the beautiful floral aroma’s of a great Viognier, the velvety mouth feel of an outstanding Grenache, the tingling acidity of a great Riesling, the great balance of elegance and power in an aged Barolo…that is pure wine-soaked bliss and the ridiculous, relentless grin on my face is the proof to anyone in the vicinity.

So the next time you find a glass in your hand and an open bottle on the table remember to take a minute and dive in with all of your senses.




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