Summer Scotch

I know this is a wine blog but sometimes we like to get down with Spirits, so without further delay here is some thoughts on Scotch Whisky…

Some may not consider a nice single malt as a great summer beverage, but I disagree. A silky, seductive and lightly peated dram sipped slowly in the throes of a comfy patio chair and accompanied by a great book is akin to perfection in my eyes. Some suggestions for great summer single malts are:

A) Murray McDavid Dufftown 1997 ($56) – This 10 year old whisky is finished in Zinfandel casks purchased from acclaimed winery Ridge in California. This has a level of smoothness and drinkability well beyond it’s 10 years of aging and shows great berry fruits, raisins and vanilla.

B) Glenmorangie Nectar D’or ($76) – Finished in casks formerly used to age the great sweet wine of Sauternes, this luxurious whisky is rich and delicious, showing great notes of citrus, pastry, honey and spice.

C) Tullibardine 1988 ($91) – A soft, seductive bottling showing great white chocolate and vanilla. An easy sipper or a great after dinner malt.

springbank-rum-wood-16yo-whiskyD) Springbank Rum Wood Finish 16 Years Old ($130) – This is crazy stuff. Bottled at cask strength and with an unreal viscosity the finish literally lasts for minutes with notes of coconut, tropical fruit, vanilla, spice, fresh sea air, raisins, cream and more! An awesome bottling and limited quantities are available.


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