Killer Value: Main Divide Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir Grapes

Pinot Noir Grapes

The popularity of wines produced from the Pinot Noir grape has seemingly skyrocketed over the last couple of years. Aided by a number of factors, including the notorious wine film “Sideways”, Pinot has become the wine public’s darling.

The problem with Pinot Noir however, is that you often have to spend a good chunk of change to get a half decent one. Pinot Noir is thin skinned, finicky, and fussy (no, I am talking about some of your significant others here…) making it hard to grow and thus generally more expensive.

When done well Pinot Noir provides an outstanding wine experience with it’s fresh acidity and vibrant fruit notes. When done poorly it can be akin to drinking a blend of cough syrup and paint thinner. Due to this wild swing in quality some of you may have had less than stellar experiences with Pinot Noir in the past.

Main Divide Label

Main Divide Label

To our rescue comes the 2007 Main Divide Pinot Noir from Marlborough, New Zealand. This is a beauty coming in around $30 on the shelf which is good value for great Pinot Noir. This is a stunner throwing down an all out assault on your senses with flavours and aromas of fresh cherry, strawberry and spice. This is fresh and lively on the palate with a great balance between freshness and body.

Enjoy this alone alone or throw a nice cedar planked Salmon on the barbie and let ‘er rip!




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