Want to try more Champagne? Have more parties…


I need to find a Champagne bottle that is this large!

Economy got you down? Swine flu have you scared for your life? Neighbor have a new sound system and a huge Boney M collection?
Well, I suggest you beat down those nasty blues with Champagne! (**disclaimer** most doctors will not recommend battling any forms of depression with alcohol. Which is why I don’t go to the doctor very often.)

Champagne  has been synonymous with “good times” since they were first served at the Coronation Ceremonies of French Kings.  It is fairly uncommon nowadays to celebrate the ascension of a member of the bourgeoisie into the Monarchy, but it is all good in the hood, because Champagne is now available to the lowly proletariat.  So get yourself a bottle and celebrate something.  Here is a short-list of potential events you could celebrate that will have you drinking Champagne more often…

1.  First Saturday of the week.  (I celebrate this one often)

2.  Laundry day, yayyyyyyyyy!

3.  A live, or a recorded live sport of some sort is on television.  (the ladies can celebrate an Oprah episode)

4.  Going the entire day without stubbing toe.

5.  Life (the French ingeniously came up with this one, that can literally be celebrated at any time, of any day… brilliant!)




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