Wine of the Week: Cuvaison Chardonnay

cuvaison chardWine, like a lot of things in the world, moves in trends. One sad trend that has emerged in the last couple of years is the bashing of Chardonnay. I will admit that some producers of the Chardonnay grape in California and elsewhere went overboard, making wines with too much oak and alcohol. But come on now…to create a general opinion of the worlds most planted white grape and say you hate all Chardonnay is just ignorant. I even have people all the time tell me they hate Chardonnay but love to drink Chablis and Pouilly-Fuisse…which are French wine regions growing exclusively Chardonnay!

The point of my rant is that you shouldn’t let a few bad apples, or the opinions of anyone else, discourage you from seeking out some great Chardonnay. This week I present to you a Chardonnay for all of the haters out there. Cuvaison Winery, based out of Napa Valley, California  is best known for it’s delicious Chardonnay produced from their vineyards in the Carneros appellation. Carneros is located in the southern Napa Valley and has the benefit of the moderating influence of the San Pablo Bay to the south. This cooler climate is ideal for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and helps to create wines with freshness and balance.

I can only describe Cuvaison’s 2007 Chardonnay as delicious. Aromas of pear, apple and baking spices waft from the glass and the palate provides great body and weight while maintaining fresh acidity. Flavours of orchard fruits, cinnamon and clove follow through on the palate with just the right level of influence from French oak barrels.

Do yourself a favour and at least give Chardonnay a chance. You may be surprised to find a new and delicious friend.


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