Wine of the Week: 2007 Charles Smith “The Velvet Devil” Merlot

Sinfully good!

Sinfully good!

Winemaker Charles Smith is quite the character. Hailing from the area of Walla Walla, Washington “Charlie” is known for his outrageous appearance, big attitude, crazy labels and above all for outstanding wines.

The Charles Smith line of wines is intended for immediate consumption and this Merlot is a perfect example. The name is fitting as this is pure velvet on the palate. Rich, plush and voluptuous are some descriptors that come to mind in describing the feel of this wine. This wine has a distinctive chocolate quality as well as big blueberry, blackberry and plum notes.

This wine is delicious and while it may not be the most complex wine you will ever drink it will surely put a smile on your face. Throw this down on the patio with some barbecued ribs or a hamburger.

Be sure to check out the whole range of Charles Smith wines including the Kung-Fu Girl Riesling, Boom Boom Syrah and Holy Cow Chardonnay as they are all excellent. Check out for more info.

Price: $25.00                            Region: Walla Walla, Washington                                     Grape Varieties: Merlot



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