Divine Creation

Duck n' Waffles

Duck n' Waffles

Every so often a combination is created by the joining of two entities that can only be described as divine. Such was the case when Sunny met Cher, peanut butter met jam, music met the ipod and finally my newest divine discovery…the Donut Burger. I discovered this joyous union on my recent trip to Portland, Oregon after stopping in for lunch at a funky new joint called “The Original” (http://www.originaldinerant.com/). Referring themselves as a “Dinerant”, in theory a fusion between fine dining and classic American diner cuisine, I was more than intrigued as I perused the menu which contained such creations as Mac n’ Cheese Pancakes, Lobster Eggs Benedict and Duck N’ Waffles.

And it came with fries!

And it came with fries!

Suddenly time stopped as I feasted my eyes on the most glorious site I have ever seen…the Voodoo Donut Burger. As a chorus of angels began to sing and a brilliant lite illuminated the menu I knew I had found the one. A juicy hamburger grilled to a glorious medium-rare topped with melted cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between a glazed donut toasted on the inside from the famous Voodoo Donut. Forget the Snickers bar this is indeed the ultimate combination of sweet and savoury. The the rich savoury quality of the meat and the salty delight of the melted cheese made the pure sweet note of the donut sing. That glazed wonder was so soft it seemed to melt on the tongue. No condiments, no lettuce, no tomatoe…just meat, cheese and donut…beauty in simplicity. True genius.

So if you happen to find yourself in the Portland area do yourself a favour and make the treck to the Original. It will be a meal you won’t soon forget.



P.S I’m aware this had nothing to do with wine, but how could I not mention it?



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