I like long walks on the beach and candle-lit drinking…

I left work this past Thursday with plans to meet some fine gentlemen at my condo for a round of drinks before heading out for what promised to be a dance-tastic evening at the Hi-Fi Club here in Calgary. Things seemed to take an interesting turn however as I approached the intersection just before my building only to find all of the street and traffic lights out of commission. Sure enough I was greeted at the entrance to my building by the strange glow of the emergency lighting system and the annoying beep of the maintenance box crying for help.

As I embarked on the eerie walk down the blackness of my hallway I knew that our plans to tip back a few brews at my newly appointed bachelor pad were likely not going to come to fruition. As I blindly stumbled through my house to open the curtains and let in the last of the evening light I called my friend Eddie to break the bad news. If I had been thinking clearly before this call I would have realized this particular group of friends would never have a little thing like a lack of light stand between them and a good time. Sure enough just as I was finished lighting the last of my emergency candles my phone rang signaling the start of the party.

dead guy growlerLuckily for some reason I have more candles than Bob Barker’s birthday cake (a fact I took a well deserved ribbing for) and as my partners in rhyme sat down at the table I dug into the darkness of the fridge to find my only alcoholic possession worthy of such an odd scene…the glow growler. An oddball indeed, the glow growler is perhaps the greatest vessel of beer ever created. A 1/2 gallon jug containing “dead guy ale”, a beautifully hopped beer from the house of Rogue Brewing in Portland, Oregon. This growler (which is the name given to the 64 ounce jug) has an outstanding label which also happens to glow in the dark. Truly a fitting choice for our eerie candelit vigil.

In order to increase the truly awesome nature of this event we chose to drink our beer from my best wine glasses, and although my companions were more accustomed to “normal” beers there was unanimous agreement that the freshly hopped character and honeyed notes of the dead guy ale were delightful. According to their website (www.rogue.com) the dead guy pairs well with with pork dishes and spicy foods, however the lack of electricity required to create those dishes left us with only a bag of potato chips and good company.

As the mighty growler slowly declined so did the awkward nature of three dudes drinking beer by candlelight. Sometimes there truly is beauty in simplicity and without the distraction of modern technology we were left with only good times. As we were joined by a 4th member and Ryan got up to use the little boys room (thank god the water was still working!) the overhead light suddenly sprung to life. We all shared a moment of shock as lady electricity waltzed back into our lives in a blaze of glory. Slowly I looked around the room and an unspoken decision was made with a group look of disapproval…the electricity had to go. With a decision to embrace that beautiful simplicity we shut the light off and filled our glasses. The evening progressed in the soft glow of candlelight and the arrival of a lady in our midst dealt a final blow to any candlelight weirdness.

Finally it was time to move on to the dance party and as I extinguished our vigil I took one last moment to take in the warm glow of awesome. So next time you’ve got a crew of guys and a giant jug of outstanding beer why not break out the tea-lights and party like it’s 1799.




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