Wine of the Week: Alto Moncayo “Veraton”


The transition from Summer into Fall also marks a transition for many wine lovers from the fun and fresh white wines and rose’s built for the patio to more substantial red wine’s to keep us warm by the fire. For those of you looking for a companion for a crisp fall evening Veraton may be just what the doctor ordered. Made from 100% Garnacha (Grenache) selected from vines reaching over 80 years of age, this is not a “traditional” Spanish red wine. The winemaking is overseen by Australian winemaker Chris Ringland, who is also responsible for producing the wines for the famed Bodegas El Nido.

Alto Moncayo has also been a bit of a media darling from its inception in 2002 and with its eye-catching packaging and in your face style, it’s easy to see why. Veraton is the entry level wine in the line-up and while not as expensive as it’s big brother’s it is still likely a special occasion wine for many at around $40.00 on the shelf.

The influence from this wines Australian winemaker becomes clear rather quickly and this has about as much elegance as a drunken linebacker attempting the waltz. Dripping with big, rich fruit the Veraton holds nothing back attacking the palate from all angles with coffee-liquor, blackberry, blueberry, dark chocolate, cinnamon and more. An hour or more in the decanter helps to open up this behemoth to reveal it’s many layers.

While not always easy to find, it’s well worth tracking this down the next time you’re in the mood for a little palate destruction. Try this with a little dark chocolate for a bit of an experiment.




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