Wine of the Week: Roederer Estate Anderson Valley Brut

Often when I dream of winning the lottery I envision myself either riding a majestic unicorn or drinking magnums of Champagne in a roof-top patio surrounded by beautiful women. Inevitably I awake from these delusions to realize that first, unicorns aren’t real and second, I can’t afford to drink Champagne! While there may be nothing I can do about the world’s lack of Unicorns (at least for now) there is a viable alternative that comes pretty darn close to sipping Champagne.

This alternative comes in the form of a delicious sparkling wine produced in California by the famous Champagne house Roederer. Many of the great Champagne houses have purchased vineyards and set up shop in California including Moet & Chandon (Domaine Chandon) and Taittinger (Domaine Carneros). Most of these Californian sparkling wines offer outstanding value compared to their French counterparts and allow for the regular consumption of high-quality bubbly without declaring bankrupcy.

The Non-Vintage Anderson Valley Brut is impressive for its depth and at around $30.00 on the shelf it is a no-brainer! Notes of ripe apple, hazelnuts, pear and spice dominate this full-bodied offering which consists of approximately 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir. The use of oak-aged reserve wines (wine held back from previous vintages and then blended in with the younger wine) adds complexity. Roederer also owns 100% of the vineyards for it’s California wines which helps to ensure consistent quality.

So while celebrities and rap stars will surely continue to drink copious amounts of Dom Perignon in their stretch Hummer limousines, it’s nice to know the average joe can still pop a bottle on a special occasion for a reasonable price.




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