The Gift of Gluttony

Working in the wine business the months leading up to Christmas are the most frantic of the year. Due to this Bin 905 Wine and Spirits, where I spend the majority of my working hours, is forced to have its staff Christmas party after the big guy in the red suit has already made his […] Continue reading

How are the flavours?

I decided to beat the winter cold yesterday with a batch of delicious soup. I found a great recipe for a Sweet potato and Peanut Soup yesterday and ran with it. This thick, hearty soup turned out great and any soup that lists peanut butter as an ingredient is alright with me. I paired this […] Continue reading

2009 Year in Review

With 2009 now in the history books I thought I would take a moment to reflect on my personal wine triumphs and upsets. Top 5 Wines of the Year: In scanning my memories and tasting notes for my top wines of the year one thought comes to the fore-front…my life is awesome. I had a […] Continue reading