Wine of the Week: K Vintners “Kung-Fu Girl” Riesling

Kung-Fu Girl says...boards don't hit back!

I had the opportunity to attend a tasting today with one of the wine worlds most interesting characters, Charles Smith. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am a fan of the K Vintners and Charles Smith wines from Washington State, USA and they certainly have their marketing plan down pat. The tasting played the rock & roll theme to the max with a DJ spinning classic rock, servers dressed in Kimono’s and a dude walking around in a red velvet devil’s outfit (in reference to the Velvet Devil Merlot ).

Great marketing is all well and good, as long as the wines stand up…and they do. Though I was slightly disappointed there wasn’t a better selection of wines at the tasting, one that did stand out was the newly landed 2008 vintage of the Kung-Fu Girl Riesling. Produced in an off-dry style, this food-friendly number balances it’s up-front sweetness with a vibrant spine of acidity. The perfect match for sushi, spicy asian cuisine or your next Sunday brunch (it’s 12 O’clock somewhere!).

It’s nice to see the general public embracing Riesling once again and at $28.00 a bottle this is still reasonably priced. Pick it up while you can because like the last batch to hit Alberta, this may sell out quickly!





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