Let’s be Civil

Civility certainly has its merits. After all, without the ability to be civilized we truly are little more than shaved apes using our bi-pedal gifts to peruse the aisles at Wal-Mart and our opposable thumbs to peruse the myriad of channels offered by cable television. To my mind being civil is all about enjoying the little things…the attention to detail that allows us to live life in technicolour rather than black and white.

Due to the nature of my work and passion I tend to view opportunities for civility as they pertain to the arena of food and drink. Sunday brunch accompanied by a fine Champagne, taking the time to pack proper silverware and settings for a picnic, an artisan beer sipped from a quality wine glass, enjoying a fine single malt along with a great book illuminated by a roaring fire. These are the icing flowers on the birthday cake of life.

So whether it pertains to wine, food or the other little things that make life worth living, find time to be civilized for goodness sake….while remembering that sometimes it’s ok to drink straight from the bottle too!





  1. Nice reminder, Jesse! I’ll have you know I ate my K.D. from the pot tonight – but I put my wine in a gorgeous titanium glass.


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