What a difference a year can make!

Approximately a year ago, a small group of us tasted a wine.  It was 2001 Rotllan Torra Priorat “Tirant”. At that time the wine showed some very typical characteristics of a Priorat that had many years of bottle life ahead of it.  The 2001 Tirant had a nose that showed moist earth with a hint of camphor and subtle notes of pepper and vanilla.  As we all had our first taste of the wine the power we all expected from this legendary “big red” region was revealed.  Cassis and anise flavours were accompanied by a massive tannin structure that left us intrigued at the potential of this wine, but the overwhelming consensus was that this wine was still a baby.

Flash forward to last Saturday.  A bottle has been “brown bagged” by one of my colleagues and offered as a blind.  Two of the people that had tasted the Tirant one year prior were in attendance and neither of us knew that the blind we were about to taste was, once again, the 2001 Tirant.


The blind was a lush wine which was full of deep black cherry with hints of blueberry.  Lovely spice and minerality were accompanied with strong, but not overpowering tannin.  An absolute knockout!  We were amazed at the quality of the wine.  We all took our turns guessing where the wine was from and its quality level. Needless to say, none of us guessed Priorat.  When the bottle was finally revealed I looked at my friend, we were both awestruck.  Not with the quality of the wine or the fact that the wine was a Priorat but with how much the wine had evolved over the course of the year.

So, while I want to encourage people to try this particular wine (Bin905 in Calgary has this beauty for only $75 CAD, which is very likely the cheapest price you will find anywhere on the planet considering its a RP 98 point wine.), I also want to encourage you to go back and try some of the stuff you have tucked away on your cellar.  Who knows, it could be “ready to go”


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