Review: 2008 Vina Cobos “Felino” Malbec

Produced in conjunction with the famed Californian winemaker Paul Hobbs, this full throttle Malbec is not for the faint of heart. Felino is the name given to Vina Cobos entry-level wines produced from sites around Mendoza, Argentina.

Paul Hobbs is famous for producing rich, concentrated and polished wines and this is no exception. Bursting with deep, dark berry fruit flavours along with licorice and chocolate, this wine has bbq written all over it. Although the alcohol is a little high for my liking, the richness, depth and smooth nature of this wine bring to mind the rich baritone of the legend Barry White…I assume the combination of his vocals and this wine would work wonders with the ladies. Perhaps I will have to test that theory.

In the end if you are looking for a wine that demonstrates terroir and a true sense of place, this isn’t the wine you’re looking for. If you want a full-bodied, juicy and delicious wine to pair with a rack of ribs or to swoon that special someone, this will do the trick nicely. And for $24.00 on the shelf it won’t break the bank either.




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