The best part of waking up… is Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout in your cup!

You know what I admire about Japanese culture?  They are genius when it comes to combining the worlds favorite things into one marketable product.

When the world needed a tie that contained every piece of office stationary normally found in a desk, who stepped up?  The Japanese.

Ruler, check. Paperclips, check. Now where did I put my dignity?

You are too busy being ultra-effective and require a better solution for those rainy days?  Boom – the Umbrella Hat!  Thanks again Japan.

Is the handle still necessary?

And who created the  amazingly versatile all in one gardening tool?  You guessed it, the Japanese.

Chronic back pain has never been so quick and painful!

So who better to combine two of the worlds greatest vices than this innovative culture.  Spread the word, coffee and beer just had a Japanese love child and its name is “Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout”.

"Goooooood morning!"

The first thing you notice about this beer is its color.  It is a deep mocha brown and when poured properly it is topped with a dense frothy head that can only be described as espresso creme.  The nose hints at chocolate covered espresso beans and  faint smoke.  This rich beer completely coats the palette and shows best when some of the bitter creme is sipped with the sweeter liquid.  I have had many beers from the Hitachino Nest line up and I find that they are all bold  enough to please the purists with just the right amount of restraint so as not to be displeasing to the greater population.  This “balance”, which is evident in all the Hitachino Nest beers is certainly present in the Espresso Stout.
So, whether your “thing” is beer, or coffee, or both.  I highly recommend you get out to your local fine beer provider and try this unique offering from one of the worlds most cutting edge producers.

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