Beware of the Birds

As I stand at sunset overlooking the picturesque Seven Springs Vineyard in Oregon’s Eola hills, I can’t help but think that Alfred Hitchcock must have been a vineyard manager. The birds, the birds are coming… They maintain a tight formation, flying low over the unsuspecting vines like the darkened shadows of a bomber squadron over […] Continue reading

Nikka, from the barrel!

Japan is at it again!  I recently blogged about one of my favorite new beers from Japan (Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout) and as luck would have it I recently came across another great product from the land of the rising sun, Nikka Whisky, from the barrel.     Upon seeing Nikka for the first time […] Continue reading

The Pizza Yoda and his Epic Empties…

I recently celebrated the 27th anniversary of my jailbreak from the womb. Through the years I have come to realize some fundamental truths about both myself and the world I call home. Here are five personal revelations I would like to share with you today. 1. I hate Onions! – I tried. I really did. And although I’ve […] Continue reading

What should I drink with my bird?

    Well, let’s assume that you are not a 1940’s hipster and when you say “bird” you are indeed referring to “turkey” and not your sweetheart.  Keeping this in mind, I have a few suggestions that should satisfy all tastes. 1. German Riesling This is by far the best pairing.  I know there are […] Continue reading

Lillet Blanc is here!

Lillet Blanc, one of my favorite aperitifs in the world, has recently arrived in the Alberta market.  I first tried this wine based aperitif in Seattle 5 years ago.  We were in a crazy little cocktail bar just outside of Pikes Market called “The Zig Zag Café“.  One of the owners, a human “wiki” on […] Continue reading