Nikka, from the barrel!

Japan is at it again!  I recently blogged about one of my favorite new beers from Japan (Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout) and as luck would have it I recently came across another great product from the land of the rising sun, Nikka Whisky, from the barrel.


Serious whisky! And the fact that it comes in a 50CL bottle means that you will feel "less" guilty when it gets emptied in one sitting.


Upon seeing Nikka for the first time I began to think of Don Drapers office.  The stout, square bottle capped with a simple aluminum screw top harks back to 50’s era simplicity and functionality.  But do not be distracted by its good looks, this whiskey has some serious chops!  Nikka is a superb cask strength (51.4%) bourbon barrel aged whisky and was the winner of the 2007 World Whisky Award for best Japanese Whisky.

The whisky reveals its bourbon influence on the nose with hints of spice, sweet smoke, and vanilla.  However, once it hits the palette its character becomes decidedly more highland.  I immediately thought of trail mix as the first discernible flavours were candied peanuts and dried apricots.  Nikka is a blended whisky but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run out and try it.  Don’t be that “I only drink single malts” guy, nobody likes that guy.  But everybody likes this whisky.

I can’t say enough about this wonderful Japanese offering and I think now that I have blogged about both Japanese beer and whisky in the last month, I am officially going through my “Japanese” faze.  Someone get me a Hello Kitty backpack for my new Magna comics and electronic pets.




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