Kick off the holiday season…big time!

Whether we would like to admit it or not, the holiday season is upon us. As the tide of Christmas parties starts to come in, why not tip one back in honour of the baby Jesus…with a giant bottle of beer. That’s right, everyone brings wine to holiday parties and dinners, so why not set yourself apart and spread a little  holiday inebriation with some seasonal suds. Here are two of my favourites:

Fun for the whole family!


Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale Magnum

A perennial favourite of mine, San Francisco staple Anchor Brewing first crafted this delicious Christmas Ale in 1975.

Although the top-secret recipe changes every year, it is always a sure bet for a delicious time. This years bottling is a deep chestnut-brown in the glass, with aroma’s of licorice, clove and nutmeg that are warm and comforting.

On the palate the slight kick of hops keeps this refreshing and the exotic spice make it the perfect fireside accompaniment to a ginger snap cookie and a good book.

Little Gnome...Big Chouffe!

Brasserie d’Achouffe “Big Chouffe”

The Belgians certainly known a thing or two about beer, and Brasserie d’Achouffe is definitely one of my favourites!  The “Big Chouffe” is the flagship la Chouffe blonde ale in magnum (1.5L) form. Each year the brewery invites a different artist to adorn these epic bottles with their own interpretation of the d’Achouffe gnome. This is worth picking up for the bottle alone, with its back label adorned with a frolicking gnome surrounded by woodland creatures. It just so happens the beer is awesome too! This pours a hazy blonde colour, with a light and frothy head. This complex and hearty beer delivers an unbelievable balance between freshness and body. Notes of citrus, banana, tropical fruit and spice make this a sure-fire hit. Enjoy with your best group of gnomies!

So there you have it. For your next holiday event leave the fruit cake to Grandma and go big with a magnum of delicious beer!





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