Hair of the Dog

First of all, happy 2011 everyone! Here’s wishing everyone yet another year of memorable meals and delicious wines!

I rang in the new years with two decisions, one excellent and one terrible. The excellent decision was selecting a bottle of Bulldog Gin, which is a premium Gin that is new here in the Alberta Market, as my tipple of choice at the New Years party I attended. The terrible decision was not eating before attending said party…and then sitting in a hot tub for an extended length of time with said bottle of gin in hand. Who knew something so delicious could hurt so much the morning after? Although Bulldog may have been the bringer of pain and regret on January 1st, it is still just too damn good not to recommend.

First off, this is one badass gin! The bottle, with its smoked grey tint, simple script and dog collar, looks more like an urn for a mobster then a receptacle for botanical laced goodness. In addition to this, one of the botanicals used in the production of this gin is Dragon Eye (which is apparently considered an aphrodisiac and orgasm enhancer in Chinese medicine)…badass indeed.

Packaging aside this stuff delivers the goods. The mix of botanicals waft from the glass, delivering a blend of classic London dry gin juniper character with an exotic twist. On the palate this gin is bursting with flavour, with an enticingly creamy mouthfeel and a lengthy, refreshing finish.

This is an exciting addition to the market here in Alberta for specialty gin fans and at just over $40 on the shelf, this may well give my standard go-to Hendricks a run for its money!

For more info visit the Bulldog website here





  1. OMG – this post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m just starting to enjoy gin again, after a decade-long hiatus….I must try it!


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