Humble Thanks… now let’s turn this mother out!

This week, the Canadian Food Blog Awards announced its short list for Canadas best food and drink bloggers, and much to our surprise, there we were!  Vine Arts: Wine Made Simple!  In the past, Jesse and I have been known to nominate ourselves for many things including hypnosis, cheese tester, clinical LSD trials, submissive role play partner (keep in mind most of these were Jesse), but we did not nominate ourselves for this, so a special thanks goes out to whoever took the time to do so.

**OSCAR moment** We are so lucky to be nominated along side such outstanding talent.  People who truly love the craft never do it for the recognition, they do it because they couldn’t live without doing it.  (Cue orchestral music rising to crescendo)  and the nominees are…

CellarDoor – writing under the influence

The Jolly Inebriate

Canadian Whisky

Billy Munnelly – Wine Writer, Wine Reviews, Wine Blog

Vine Arts: Wine made simple

Seriously, these blogs are VERY good.  And we are stoked to be in this list.

That is why we resolve to “turn this mother out” in 2011!

We are going to hit the blogosphere in its dirty mouth with left hooks of wine wisdom.  We are going to populate your mind with thoughts of sexy spirits and bad ass beers.  We are going to use “spellcheck”.  Heck, we may even pay some guys to do some stuff.  What kind of stuff? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

Stay tooned Vine Arts fanz, becuase the breast is yet to come!*



*spellchecking starts tomorrow



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