Reviews: Liquid Candy… Morse Code Shiraz and Schild GMS

Alright, I’ll admit it…I normally pay about as much attention to Australian wine as Sarah Palin does to rational thought, which is to say not much. Sure I’ve got my old standbys, such as Pewsey Vale Riesling and anything from Rockford winery, but beyond that I generally spend my wine budget elsewhere.

It’s not that I hate Australian wine, I just find a lot of them dull and lacking in soul (also known as Vince Vaughn syndrome). This week however I was given a reminder that sometimes it’s ok to indulge in a little guilty pleasure that, while it may not be earth shattering in its complexity, is just damn delicious.

First up is the 2008 Morse Code Shiraz from Padthaway, Australia. This was straight forward and cut to the chase. Rich and velvety, this had simple but tasty flavours of strawberry, blueberry, toasty oak and Mocha. Not life changing, but for under $15 who’s complaining?

Next up was the 2009 Schild Estate GMS (Grenache, Mourvedre, Shiraz). Hailing from the Barossa Valley, this is like a liquid lollipop! The wine geek in me called for more acidity…until the kid in me said “shut-up geek! This is candy in a glass…candy that will get you tipsy!”. The kid had a good point.

In the glass this lit up like the Vegas strip with a crazy neon purple glow. The nose was like red and purple fruit gummies rolled in strawberry jam and sprinkled with pepper (weird but awesome). This stuff is like cialis for the palate…I’m talking full on taste bud tent-pitching! Red lollipop, licorice nibs, strawberry jelly and cherry/cranberry splash! How could you not love it? And for $24 here in Alberta it’s not a bad value either.

The next time the kid inside of you comes knocking, let him/her out to play. Play on the swings, break out the finger paint and drink a little liquid candy…the kind with booze in it!




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