The Golden Globes and The Golden Label

Every year Hollywood’s finest gather to celebrate the best of Movies and Television at the Golden Globes. And what do the world’s most famous people drink while celebrating their own (and each others) accomplishments?  Non-Vintage Moet and Chandon Brut Imperial of course.

Best Actor Nominee Colin Firth downing some Moet and Chandon

Now, I have no idea how much money LVMH spends to get Moet and Chandon associated with the Globes, but whatever the amount, it is a lot!  I say this because Moet gets more airtime during the telecast than Angelina Jolie.  Every time a camera is not on the stage, it is on a bottle of Moet with a famous person behind or beside it.  Pretty good product placement by the world’s top luxury brand company, the aforementioned LVMH (Moet-Hennessy-Louis Vuitton).

LVMH is a brilliant company with a brilliant strategy.  They have managed to give the most readily available Champagne in the world an air of exclusivity.  It is an impressive feat, convincing the world that they are in a special, elite class of citizen when they are quaffing a champagne that is available in every wine drinking market on the planet. But is it good wine?

The answer of course is, yes.  You don’t get to be where the legendary house is by producing an inferior product.  Further, the fact that they control a huge amount of the production coming from the region means that the price of Moet is very reasonable.  And for the price, it delivers.

M-O-E-T phone home.

Non Vintage Moet and Chandon is a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Petit Meunier and it is known for its bright expression of fruit, often being described as having strong peach notes.  For me, Moet screams cantaloupe and baked bread.

Why not head out and treat yourself to a bottle, if its good enough for Steven Spielberg, than its good enough for you.  (Yes, I just implied that Steven Spielberg is better than you, prove me wrong tough guy.)




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