Review: 2009 Burrowing Owl Pinot Gris

Believe the hype? Or not?

Burrowing Owl Winery is nestled in British Colombia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley and seems to be draped in a perpetual cloak of hype and fanfare. The wines are often hard to find and when they do hit the shelves they are often snapped up faster than a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair on Ebay.

So it has come to pass on a cold and dreary evening here in Calgary that I find myself alone in Metrovino wine shop with a glass of the 2009 Burrowing Owl Pinot Gris in my hand. Will the owl live up to they hype? Let’s find out!

In the glass the wine hints at its viscosity. After given a good swirl the pronounced and voluptuous legs slowly saunter down the side of the glass. On the nose this is fairly straightforward, although I must admit pleasant. Aroma’s of ripe pear, melon, peach and honeysuckle waft from the glass. Along with these pleasant scents there is also an unfortunate alcohol burn that tickles my nose.

On the palate this is indeed quite rich, coating the mouth with layers of bartlett pear, warm apple, fig and a touch of spice (clove perhaps?). Although the alcohol is a little too present for my liking, overall this is a nice drop of wine. A nice pork tenderloin with apple stuffing might do it justice!

In the end however, although I like the wine I will not be purchasing any for my own consumption. This Pinot Gris suffers from the same shortcomings as many Canadian wines in that, in my opinion, at $33.00 on the shelf it is overpriced. When push comes to shove there are many tasty Pinot Gris from areas such as the French region of Alsace that are equally delicious for a substantially lower price

That’s my two cents and the fact is that despite my opinion, these wines will continue to sell out and those who purchase them will likely be pleased. I on the other hand will spend my meager earnings elsewhere.





  1. we’ve been enjoying several bottles of Burrowing Owl syrah and merlot – but thankfully, at someone else’s expense!

  2. Jesse,

    This is not related to Burrowing Owl but I could not find where to put a general comment. A few weeks ago I tried out the new restaurant called Tango on Macleod Tr and I thought I would tell you about the great wine I had. Catena Zapata Malbec, I am unsure of the year but it was fantastic. Have you tired it before?

    • Hi Becky,

      I have indeed had the Catena Malbec before. Nicholas Catena is considered to be the godfather of wine in Argentina and the Catena winery almost single-handedly brought Argentinian wines to the fore-front on the world stage. I am definitely a fan of their wines and for such a large winery, they manage to keep consistant quality in all of their wines.

      Glad you found a new gem! Thanks for sharing.



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