La vie en Rosé.

Perhaps it is the unseasonably warm weather we are having here in Calgary, but today something deep inside the recesses of my normally inactive mind was screaming Rosé.  Any time I hear voices in my mind, I bow to them, it’s the only way to shut them up.  So Rosé it was!

My choice this evening was 2009 Chateau de Lancyre Rosé.  A plucky pink wine from the Languedoc sub region of Pic Saint-Loup.  This region specializes in the Rhone grapes and is known for making high quality affordable wines.  I paired the wine with my dinner which was pork chop in a parmesan garlic cream sauce. (Of course from scratch, come on).  These two got on like Mutt and Jeff.  Brilliant.

Quand il me prend dans ses bras, Il me parle tout bas, Je vois le vie en rose!

Lancyre Rosé is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault.  It has a light pink hue which belies its power.  You expect a very light delicate wine but what you get is an elegant but very bright wine that bursts from with glass with strawberry and melon notes.  The strong acidity of the wine worked wonders as it cut through the cream sauce that I slathered my dinner in.

Simply a beautiful wine.  Get yer arse down to Metrovino and try a bottle.  With food or on its own this quality wine hits the mark.




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