Super Bowl Wine…the Rebuttal

Old head-trained Zinfandel vines at Turley Vineyards in Paso Robles

Although Jeff and see eye to eye on most things (well not exactly eye to eye because he is a bit of a midget…more like eye to nipples) I felt the need to write a little rebuttal to his previous Super Bowl post.

Well Jeff may have to pull the crazy card and smash an empty bottle of Jack Daniels on his face in order to intimidate people, I happen to have the gift of size on my side. As such I can generally silence anyone who may wish to chastise my choice of game day beverage by challenging them to an arm wrestle or simply by wearing a tight t-shirt…which I have been known to do.

As such if I feel like drinking wine on game day, I damn well shall. I have a feeling there are other free spirits out there who also long to shake off the shackles of the Super Bowl beer requirement and enjoy a little vino. Those of you who choose this righteous path of wine may be asking yourself “what’s the perfect Super Bowl wine?” The answer, in my opinion, is Zinfandel.

First of all Zinfandel is, to my mind, the quintessential American wine. Long before Cabernet Sauvignon stole the spotlight in the Napa Valley, Zinfandel reigned king in California. Although the grape got a bit of a bad rap due to the production of cheap, sweet rose wine known as “White Zinfandel” in truth Zin has the capacity to produce some outstanding red wine. The best examples come from extremely old, gnarled vines planted in areas such as Sonoma’s Dry Creek and Russian River Valley’s. Many of these very old vines were planted by Italian immigrants at the end of the 19th century and in some cases the current generations of these original Italian families (such as the Seghesio’s and Martinelli’s) continue to farm these vineyards today.

Big, bold and intense, classic California Zinfandel is anything but timid and makes Budweiser seem like a little schoolgirl. Plush and full-bodied, the full throttle flavours of berry, raisin, chocolate and spice allow Zin to stand up to classic Super Bowl dishes. Ribs? Nachos? Steaks? Barbecue sauce? Bring it on! As an added bonus Zinfandel’s propensity for producing high alcohol wines may come in handy if your team is going down the tubes and you need to drown your sorrows!

Another benefit of Zinfandel is price point. You can find delicious Zin from producers such as Seghesio, Four Vines, Cline, Sebastiani and Revenswood without breaking the bank…which may come in handy if you’re in too deep with your bookie and need to save some coin!

So there you have it. If you feel like breaking the mold this Super Bowl and breaking away from the constraints of tyrannical beer drinking fascists like Jeff Jamieson, why not grab your corkscrew and pop a bottle of Zinfandel…it’s as American as apple pie!





  1. yes! Thanks Jesse — I was debating how I could smuggle in a bottle of wine to the SB Party — and now, you’ve given me permission and the courage to just come right and and slug it back from the bottle! um well, actually, ok, pour it into a glass but at least, i won’t bring it in brown paper bag.

  2. First Jesse, I would like to point out that your argument is rife with ad hominem (who’s the fascist now Jesse) making it instantly irrelevant, second football fans drink beer at Superbowl parties. Social butterflies can drink what ever they want. Superbowl = Beer. I will defend myself to the grave on this. So enjoy your wine today all you “wine drinking superbowl fans”. If the Packers can keep the turnovers down and find the solution for the Steelers cover two formations they should come out on top, wouldn’t you agree? No, you wouldn’t. Because you don’t care about football.

    Here is a list of things that I LOVE that do not belong at a Superbowl party.
    My Grandmother
    Debussy Piano Concertos
    Workout junkies who have never played the sport (Jesse Willis)
    Political Debate
    Religious Debate
    Catherine Zeta Jones (It would appear she is not listening as she is there)
    and Wine.


  3. Jeff I’ve met your Grandmother she has been to a few Superbowl parties that you have not and she knows Betty White! She may not be a football fan but party on! Cheers!


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