Review: Cassis Bistro Calgary

Long have food lovers in Calgary yearned for a simple, classic French bistro delivering classic dishes at a reasonable price. After a trip to Cassis Bistro this past Friday I can safely say that our wait is over…and it was well worth it. Located at the base of the new Casel condo development on 17th […] Continue reading

Quick Review: 2009 Chateau de Montpezat Merlot

Although Merlot may not walk along the same red carpet as its counterpart Cabernet Sauvignon, it has always been a workhorse grape…silently chugging along, producing delicious, plush, full-bodied red wines. The 2009 Merlot from Chateau de Montpezat is a perfect example of why this often overlooked variety should have a home in your wine rack. Hailing […] Continue reading

Calgary’s Hot New Dining Destinations

In nature the Spring season is synonymous with renewal…new life, creations and possibilities. This theme of renewal and new life seems to also carry through to the food/wine/beer scene here in Calgary. With a host of new dining destinations either freshly opened or soon to be opened there are no shortage of exciting possibilities for foodies […] Continue reading

International Summer Cocktails

With summer just around the corner the excitement is building for lazy afternoon picnics and sun-drenched evenings spent on the patio in the company of good friends. What better way to start off either of these activities then a refreshing summer cocktail? We’ve been lucky here in Alberta to have some interesting and delicious additions to our […] Continue reading