The Classic Beauty and the Modern Masterpiece

Anyone who tastes wine, beer and spirits as part of their career will tell you that often you can get so caught up in trying new products that you forget to just kick back and enjoy some of your old favorites.

With that in mind I want to tell you about a new beer I tasted for the first time this week. I also want to tell you about a old favorite of mine that I “rediscovered” this weekend on a perfect Sunday afternoon on the Ship and Anchor patio.

First a new close to home discovery…

Phillips Brewery Longboat Double Chocolate Porter from Vancouver Island, BC

This silky porter was terrific.  This beer is all about bakers chocolate  with seamless balance between bitter and sweet.  One of the most striking characteristics of this beer was the mouthfeel, rich and velvety with just the right amount of carbonation. Clearly this is a well made, top tier beer in every sense except the price.  At around $6 for a 650 ml bottle, by volume, this beer is not much more expensive than a Newcastle Brown and less expensive than Guinness.

Now the classic go-to that I have fallen back in love with…

Wildrose Brewery IPA from Calgary Alberta

What a great IPA. Fragrant, bold and bitter but never over the top.  This beers balance doesn’t “invite you back to the glass”… it simply grabs you by the face and demands you keep drinking up.  And the best part about this beer? If you live in Calgary like I do you can find this bad boy on tap in any pub or restaurant worth spending your money in.

So get out this weekend and try something new!  Or grab a pint of an old favorite!  Just make sure you have a little fun doing it.





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