Killer Value: 2009 Chateau Subilaux Bordeaux

It’s extremely rare that I use the terms “Bordeaux” and “value” in the same sentence. After tasting the 2009 Chateau Subilaux Bordeaux however, I just may have to find an appropriate pairing for humble pie.

While this easy-going red hails from one of the most revered wine regions in the world, it is anything but pretentious. A blend of 70% Merlot along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this wine carries the seal of renowned wine maker Jean-Luc Thunevin. Soft and lush, this delivers classic notes of plum and the smooth character so typical of good Merlot.

2009 was hailed as an exceptional vintage in the region of Bordeaux. While the big name, blockbuster wines may get all the attention, the ideal growing conditions also produced a range of stellar values. While some purists may find this wine lacking in “old world” character, its charm is undeniable.

At around $16 this is a great find and the perfect accompaniment to lamb shank or a simple hamburger.





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