The Easter Bunny Likes to Drink

I’m pretty sure the Easter bunny is probably a fairly substantial boozer. After all the poor bastard is ignored and neglected for 364 days a year, and when he does get his moment in the spotlight he is greeted by a mob of children turned into mindless zombies with a thirst for sugar. He also becomes a marketing pawn for the likes of Walmart, who hawk poor quality chocolate and cheap stuffed animals bearing his image to consumers. Yeah, I’d say he probably needs a glass of wine.

So when the beloved bunny does settle down to a nice dinner with his likely large bunny family, this is what I’d imagine he drinks:

Rabl Gruner Veltliner “Spiegel” 

Much like our furry friend, Austrian wine doesn’t get enough credit for all the hard work it puts in. Too often people see the tall, slender, flute shaped bottles and assume that the wine that dwells within will be super sweet. In reality, when produced with loving care, Austrian Gruner Veltliner can be one of the most enjoyable wines in the world.

At $19.90 + tax the Rabl is a great value. This white is dry, with classic Gruner notes of peppercorn, fresh cut grass, apricot and ripe apple. The perfect pairing with Easter dinner or take out sushi.

Manoir du Carra Fleurie “Vers le Mont”

The grapes from this wine were sourced from a tiny plot in the village of Fleurie, which lies within the village of Beaujolais. 2009 was considered an outstanding vintage and if this little gem is any indication the hype is justified.

This bears more resemblance to a fantastic Burgundian Pinot Noir than to the often less than stellar Beaujolais Nouveau that most people associate the region with. This shows the serious side of Gamay, with intense aromas of fresh flowers, dark fruit and exotic spice. On the palate this is brilliant, with flavours of black cherry, cranberry, lavender, fresh earth and spice.

Another good relative value at $29 + tax that stands up to red Burgundies at twice its price.

Happy Easter!

The Vine Arts Team


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