Put a Little Spring in Your Step… and Face.

The same thing happens every year.

The weather begins to warm and my thoughts turn from robust and hearty reds to a significantly lighter fare. Spring is a great time for exploring white wines and this year I would like to introduce you to a block buster Moscato d’Asti.

Moscato (Muscat, Muscatel, and nearly hundreds of other regional names) is a very versatile grape that is beginning to become more and more popular on world markets.

In the center of the northwestern region of Piemonte there is a town known as Asti that has been producing high quality Moscato from its surrounding area for years. Moscato d’Asti, as it is known, is a sweet wine with a pronounced effervescence that is often enjoyed with dessert.

The label of dessert wine can be a turn off for some consumers but when made well Moscato d’Asti are wonderfully expressive, fresh and delicious wines that not only pair well with sweets, cheeses and fruits, but also with friends and warm spring and summer days.

I recently tried the 2011 Massolino Moscato d’Asti (presently available at Vine Arts) and can honestly say that is one of the most pleasant Moscato of this style that I have ever had.

Upon hitting the glass the Massolino is quite effervescent and a sweet froth initially builds before rapidly subsiding.  The nose of this wine is all fresh peach and candied lemon, which makes you want to just sit and smell it all day. On the palate the wine shows peach, ripe plum and has just enough acidity to ensure that it is not cloying. You will not have any trouble having multiple glasses of this gem. And at only 5% alcohol you can enjoy it whenever you want! (Even on a work lunch…  no one will know unless you are an extreme lightweight!)

So welcome to Spring! Grab some friends, a patch of grass and a bottle of Massolino Moscasto d’Asti!





  1. “The nose of this wine is all fresh peach and candied lemon, which makes you want to just sit and smell it all day.” — I’d rather just sit and sip it all day! 🙂

    the house really liked the Laya! Great recommendation. thanks.


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