Quick Review: 2008 Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir


With generations of experience and incredible land holdings throughout Burgundy, Domaine Joseph Faiveley brings their best in each wine; from their most exalted Grand Cru wines to their entry-level Pinot Noir. Although Burgundy may be home to some of the worlds most exorbitantly priced wines, there are great value gems to be found if you know where to look.

This expression of Pinot is extremely approachable. On the nose, notes of bright cherry skin, rhubarb, hibiscus and rooibos are all friendly and outgoing. Candied cherry and menthol notes come through on the palate backed up by an assertive acidity making this as refreshing as red wines get.

With or without food, this is a wonderful every night option for anyone who wants to explore French wine without the prohibitive costs. At a modest $19.50 (after tax and bottle deposit), you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far your dollar can go in one of the most expensive regions on the planet.


Erik (featuring Boxer – The Cat)


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