Quick Review: 2009 Massolino Langhe Nebbiolo


Named after the fog that cloaks this unique region in Piemonte, located in North-West Italy Nebbiolo is an incredible grape. Used in the production of Barolo, an infamous wine that can age twenty years or more, this grape is compact yet full of mouthwatering acid and tannin. These things can be scary at first, but when balanced by supple fruit and a smokey floral note unmatched by any other wine, it creates harmony and intrigue. 

Astonishingly, despite the fame (and price) of Barolo wines, Nebbiolo plantings have never really become successful beyond this little portion of Italy. The extremely specific terroir, and centuries of experience, make Langhe the only place in the world that really allows the grapes to reach their maximum potential. 

In the glass it shines a clay red with rust tinged edges, a classic Nebbiolo trait. On the nose notes of damp wood smoke, violets, cherry skin and raspberries all meld together. The palate is almost gossamer. It has energy and life. With perfect acidity and lush tannins, this wine is the perfect introduction to Barolo without the attached price and necessity of aging. 

Try this beautiful wine with a hearty bolognese, simple pasta or leg of lamb.






  1. Hey Erik, nice write up on the Massolino, really well worded. A modern Nebb, tasty and accessible.

    Cheers, Steffen LT


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