Review: Il Pallagio When We Dance


When Sting and The Police creep into your head, music is generally the first thing that comes to mind. Discovering that the music legend owns a winery in Tuscany is a little strange; finding out the wines produced there are actually wonderful is borderline astonishing. 

It isn’t necessarily surprising that so many rock stars and sports heros own vineyards. If you weren’t one of the fortunate few, born into a clan of wine makers who have owned their grape producing sanctuary for centuries, owning your own winery is more than a little challenging. Often, only the super rich can really absorb the exorbitant cost associated with purchasing land, setting up a winery and employing staff. Even more stunning, your average winery actually takes about a decade to break even on the initial purchase; sounds like any small business owners worst nightmare. 

Located in the heart of Toscana, due south of Florence, Sting’s vineyard has been agriculturally productive for close to 300 years. Maintaining this tradition, you can buy vegetables, olive oil and honey all produced on the estate. Perhaps the terroir can be felt not only in the wine, but in these other commodities as well. Their latest offering is a Chianti aptly named “When We Dance”, after one of Sting’s songs. They age the wine, primarily made from Sangiovese grapes, in stainless steel tanks instead of oak casks to maintain a feathery lightness emulating the dancer on the bottle. 

The nose is classic. Notes of smokey cherry, licorice candy, sage leaves, menthol and beef jerky all combine for a fresh, yet savory approach. The palate is lively and surprisingly mineral. Despite how refreshing it reads, the length of the finish is impressive. 

Paired with Only Heather by Wild Nothing, you can begin to understand how something almost wisp-like can have a hidden driving force and sense of energy. Like a dancer, both are understated, poised and only powerful when need-be. 





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