February VAMP Newsletter

Hey all! The February edition of our new VAMP newsletter (Vine Arts Monthly Propoganda) is here! This month features news on our upcoming wine store, the skinny on the obscure grape variety “Mencia” and our wine of the month. Check it out! Click here to download the .PDF VAMP Feb 2012 Final PDF Cheers, Jesse Advertisements

12 outrageously expensive wines!

It’s no secret that there are some expensive bottles of wine out there, but you may not have heard of these outrageous wine sales. How about a ship wrecked bottle of Champagne that sold for the price of a Ferrari  or a bottle of Bordeaux worth more than my house? From the Huffington post, 12 […] Continue reading

Wine is Alive

Wine is alive. It has the ability to reach through the glass and speak to us. Sometimes it is a soft whisper in your ear…sometimes it screams in your face. The story it tells can be one of joy or sadness, celebration or struggle. A wine can pull you close and move with you slowly, […] Continue reading

Super Bowl Wine…the Rebuttal

Although Jeff and see eye to eye on most things (well not exactly eye to eye because he is a bit of a midget…more like eye to nipples) I felt the need to write a little rebuttal to his previous Super Bowl post. Well Jeff may have to pull the crazy card and smash an empty bottle of Jack […] Continue reading

Wine and the Super Bowl?

I have been sitting here, in my kitchen, for twenty-five minutes.  The majority of that time has been spent contemplating which type of wine I can recommend for a Super Bowl party.  The rest of that time has been spent being attacked by my perpetually lonely, and incessantly needy cat.  As I sit here, blood […] Continue reading

Calgary’s Top Wine Shops

Few people realize how truly blessed we are in terms of selection of wine, beer and spirits in Alberta. Our privatized importation makes us the envy of provinces like Ontario and British Columbia, whose government monopolies make for limited selection. Here in Calgary we have a number of awesome, independent wine shops that take advantage of this crazy […] Continue reading

Sanjay, Samuel, Ferris and the Ship

I love this city.  I truly do.  Young, vibrant and entrepreneurial, it is a place that I am proud to call home.  At times, however, Calgary has had the reputation of being a touch trite and is oft accused (usually by those who spend little to no time in here) of being “unoriginal” or “vapid”. […] Continue reading