Review: GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 1

This is the first release from a new limited edition range of cask strength bottlings from one of our favourite Highland distilleries. 12,000 bottles were produced of batch #1, which was aged in a combination of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels and bottled with no age statement. Neat: On the nose this is rich […] Continue reading

The Cocktails Big Comeback

It’s official, the cocktail is back and in a big way! A true cocktail is a mixture of spirits, sugar, water and bitters. The cocktail first rose to prominence in the 1920’s and surged in popularity during the prohibition era of the 1930’s. Alcohol was outlawed at the time, however this did not slow consumption. As it was […] Continue reading

Cocktail Idea: The Black Manhattan

As many of you already know, we are pretty big cocktail fans here at Vine Arts Wine and Spirits (that includes both production and consumption). This week we bring a luxurious and satisfying cocktail idea: the Black Manhattan. The Manhattan has been a staple on any good cocktail list and has been included in the repertoire of […] Continue reading

Amazing Video: Made by Hand

This beautifully shot short film showcases the “Made by Hand” revolution in Brooklyn, NY and looks at the inner workings of Breuckelen Distilling. I love seeing passionate individuals who take pride in their craft. I hope you enjoy.   To see more “Made by Hand” videos visit their website here        

International Summer Cocktails

With summer just around the corner the excitement is building for lazy afternoon picnics and sun-drenched evenings spent on the patio in the company of good friends. What better way to start off either of these activities then a refreshing summer cocktail? We’ve been lucky here in Alberta to have some interesting and delicious additions to our […] Continue reading

Hair of the Dog

First of all, happy 2011 everyone! Here’s wishing everyone yet another year of memorable meals and delicious wines! I rang in the new years with two decisions, one excellent and one terrible. The excellent decision was selecting a bottle of Bulldog Gin, which is a premium Gin that is new here in the Alberta Market, […] Continue reading

Nikka, from the barrel!

Japan is at it again!  I recently blogged about one of my favorite new beers from Japan (Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout) and as luck would have it I recently came across another great product from the land of the rising sun, Nikka Whisky, from the barrel.     Upon seeing Nikka for the first time […] Continue reading


Holy crap, can you believe it’s December already? Christmas is a mere 17 days away and in my books that’s about as scary as Chuck Norris wielding a chain saw. In an attempt to make your life a tad less stressful I would like to offer up my top five booze-related Christmas ideas. Anchor Brewing […] Continue reading