Grill Guzzlin’ Reds!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like spring here in Calgary and that can only mean one thing…barbecue season is upon us! As amateur chef’s and self-proclaimed “kings of the grill” alike begin to fill the air with tantalizing aromas of grilled meats, I find myself scouring the shelves here at Vine Arts to find the best […] Continue reading

Delicious Summer Ceviche Recipe

Yesterday’s beautiful weather here in Calgary had me craving a light, easy, healthy and refreshing Summer meal. While perusing the pages of Epicurious, a recipe for a Ceviche immediately caught my eye (taken from Saveur Magazine, August 2011). It was love at first sight…and turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. This was truly […] Continue reading

Review: Cassis Bistro Calgary

Long have food lovers in Calgary yearned for a simple, classic French bistro delivering classic dishes at a reasonable price. After a trip to Cassis Bistro this past Friday I can safely say that our wait is over…and it was well worth it. Located at the base of the new Casel condo development on 17th […] Continue reading

Calgary’s Hot New Dining Destinations

In nature the Spring season is synonymous with renewal…new life, creations and possibilities. This theme of renewal and new life seems to also carry through to the food/wine/beer scene here in Calgary. With a host of new dining destinations either freshly opened or soon to be opened there are no shortage of exciting possibilities for foodies […] Continue reading

The Greatest Pizza Ever Created

Every now and again the universe conspires to create a combination so epic, it defies the laws of physics and creates a black hole of pure awesome. Peanut butter and jelly, centaurs, K Fed and Brittney…the world is full of these wonderous amalgamations. So it came to pass last week during a humble pizza and wine […] Continue reading

Sanjay, Samuel, Ferris and the Ship

I love this city.  I truly do.  Young, vibrant and entrepreneurial, it is a place that I am proud to call home.  At times, however, Calgary has had the reputation of being a touch trite and is oft accused (usually by those who spend little to no time in here) of being “unoriginal” or “vapid”. […] Continue reading

Taste the Rainbow…it’s epic!

Since opening in its quaint and cozy 1st Street SW location over a year ago, Taste restaurant has been one of my favourite spots in Calgary to stop by for a tipple and a bite. Taste has nailed the concept of reasonably priced, delicious small bites with Chef Shawn Greenwood’s culinary creations. Their wine list, […] Continue reading