RABL Rouser

By far, the most popular white wine section in the store is the “Crisp & Refreshing” section.  As a general rule people love white wines that have a pronounced and pleasing acidity. They tend to be great wines to drink with or without food which also helps with their appeal. In this category of wines the two front-runners are […] Continue reading

American Beauty

Nestled on a small pocket of the northern tip of the Russian River Valley is a small wine producing AVA known as Chalk Hill. This entire region in California is known for its warm and sunny days which are followed by a drop in temperature in the early evening and a cooling morning fog which encompasses the valley […] Continue reading

The Easter Bunny Likes to Drink

I’m pretty sure the Easter bunny is probably a fairly substantial boozer. After all the poor bastard is ignored and neglected for 364 days a year, and when he does get his moment in the spotlight he is greeted by a mob of children turned into mindless zombies with a thirst for sugar. He also […] Continue reading