Delicious Summer Ceviche Recipe

Yesterday’s beautiful weather here in Calgary had me craving a light, easy, healthy and refreshing Summer meal. While perusing the pages of Epicurious, a recipe for a Ceviche immediately caught my eye (taken from Saveur Magazine, August 2011). It was love at first sight…and turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. This was truly […] Continue reading

Dudes Night Out!

While I enjoy the company of lady folk, small children, puppies and the elderly, sometimes a guy just needs an old-fashioned dudes night out. So it came to pass last weekend that a small group of my testosterone laden friends got together for an epic evening. While many people may imagine a dudes night out to include […] Continue reading

How are the flavours?

I decided to beat the winter cold yesterday with a batch of delicious soup. I found a great recipe for a Sweet potato and Peanut Soup yesterday and ran with it. This thick, hearty soup turned out great and any soup that lists peanut butter as an ingredient is alright with me. I paired this […] Continue reading