Losing my Winemaking Virginity…Episode 2

  It had started as a whisper. A faint throbbing somewhere deep within my chest. A calling to move beyond textbooks, marketing, definitions and tasting rooms and to journey to the source. Slowly that whisper turned into a roar and I knew the time had come. In order to move forward with my development and into a new phase […] Continue reading

Beware of the Birds

As I stand at sunset overlooking the picturesque Seven Springs Vineyard in Oregon’s Eola hills, I can’t help but think that Alfred Hitchcock must have been a vineyard manager. The birds, the birds are coming… They maintain a tight formation, flying low over the unsuspecting vines like the darkened shadows of a bomber squadron over […] Continue reading

Wine Myths…Busted! Episode 2

Wine Myth #2: Grape Variety is King! This week we will take a look at yet another common wine misconception – that grape variety is king.  Many people relate to wine by the grape variety that is used to produce it. Most wine drinkers have their likes and dislikes and whether they prefer Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, […] Continue reading

Killer Value: Main Divide Pinot Noir

The popularity of wines produced from the Pinot Noir grape has seemingly skyrocketed over the last couple of years. Aided by a number of factors, including the notorious wine film “Sideways”, Pinot has become the wine public’s darling. The problem with Pinot Noir however, is that you often have to spend a good chunk of […] Continue reading