Review: 2011 White Rabbit Riesling

Sometimes wines are judged on a scale of how memorable, epic or earth shattering they are. Sometimes we yearn for a wine with complexity and grace. And sometimes we just want a wine that is inexpensive, delicious and that makes us want to tip back our heads and drink from the bottle. The 2011 White […] Continue reading

What should I drink with my bird?

    Well, let’s assume that you are not a 1940’s hipster and when you say “bird” you are indeed referring to “turkey” and not your sweetheart.  Keeping this in mind, I have a few suggestions that should satisfy all tastes. 1. German Riesling This is by far the best pairing.  I know there are […] Continue reading

Wine Myths…Busted! Episode 1

As interest in wine in North America continues to grow, so does the volume of sheer mis-information on the subject. It seems the number of myths related to the world of wine is accumulating faster than Mel Gibsons career ending quotables. In order to clear the air and help to right some of these injustices […] Continue reading

How are the flavours?

I decided to beat the winter cold yesterday with a batch of delicious soup. I found a great recipe for a Sweet potato and Peanut Soup yesterday and ran with it. This thick, hearty soup turned out great and any soup that lists peanut butter as an ingredient is alright with me. I paired this […] Continue reading

Wine of the Week: 2008 Main Divide Riesling

Main Divide is consistently one of my favourite value producers from New Zealand and this delicious Riesling delivers the goods. Based out of the area of Waipara on New Zealand’s South Island, Main Divide  focuses on crafting wines that retain the purity and freshness that this cooler climate delivers. Made in an off-dry style, the 2008 […] Continue reading