Calgary’s Hot New Dining Destinations

In nature the Spring season is synonymous with renewal…new life, creations and possibilities. This theme of renewal and new life seems to also carry through to the food/wine/beer scene here in Calgary. With a host of new dining destinations either freshly opened or soon to be opened there are no shortage of exciting possibilities for foodies […] Continue reading

International Summer Cocktails

With summer just around the corner the excitement is building for lazy afternoon picnics and sun-drenched evenings spent on the patio in the company of good friends. What better way to start off either of these activities then a refreshing summer cocktail? We’ve been lucky here in Alberta to have some interesting and delicious additions to our […] Continue reading

Review: 2010 Estampa Viognier/Chardonnay

 Chile has long been a source of some of my favourite value wines and at $15 this palate-pleasing white is a massive over-achiever. The wine showcases the best of both grape varieties used, with the Viognier lending beautiful aromatics and a succulent mouth-feel while the un-oaked Chardonnay adds freshness and vibrancy. The nose on this […] Continue reading

Calgary’s Top Wine Shops

Few people realize how truly blessed we are in terms of selection of wine, beer and spirits in Alberta. Our privatized importation makes us the envy of provinces like Ontario and British Columbia, whose government monopolies make for limited selection. Here in Calgary we have a number of awesome, independent wine shops that take advantage of this crazy […] Continue reading

Review: 2009 Burrowing Owl Pinot Gris

Burrowing Owl Winery is nestled in British Colombia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley and seems to be draped in a perpetual cloak of hype and fanfare. The wines are often hard to find and when they do hit the shelves they are often snapped up faster than a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair on Ebay. So it has come to […] Continue reading

How Sweet it is…

Those who know me well are familiar with my ravenous affinity for all things sweet, sugary and syrupy. So it should come as no surprise that one of my most anticipated food and wine tastings of the year, which took place this last Friday night, happened to be titled “Sweet Tooth Pairings”. Put together by […] Continue reading

Losing my Winemaking Virginity…Episode 2

  It had started as a whisper. A faint throbbing somewhere deep within my chest. A calling to move beyond textbooks, marketing, definitions and tasting rooms and to journey to the source. Slowly that whisper turned into a roar and I knew the time had come. In order to move forward with my development and into a new phase […] Continue reading