2009 Year in Review

With 2009 now in the history books I thought I would take a moment to reflect on my personal wine triumphs and upsets. Top 5 Wines of the Year: In scanning my memories and tasting notes for my top wines of the year one thought comes to the fore-front…my life is awesome. I had a […] Continue reading

Take the pain out of Champagne!

There’s nothing more festive than popping the cork on a bottle of delicious bubbles during the holiday season. While movie stars and rappers may have the financial means to sip Dom Perignon with their Condor egg omelets Christmas morning, average Joes like myself have to find more financially viable options for our holiday sparkling wine. While […] Continue reading

Killer Value

Whilst dining on a little spaghetti last night I cracked a bottle of 2006 Bodegas Olivares “Altos de la Hoya” Monastrell. Although it’s a mouthfull this delicious 90% Monastrell and 10% Grenache from Jumilla, Spain is worth the effort. Coming in at under $20.00 I consider this to be a perfect example of why Spain […] Continue reading