Delicious Summer Ceviche Recipe

Yesterday’s beautiful weather here in Calgary had me craving a light, easy, healthy and refreshing Summer meal. While perusing the pages of Epicurious, a recipe for a Ceviche immediately caught my eye (taken from Saveur Magazine, August 2011). It was love at first sight…and turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. This was truly […] Continue reading

Review: Cassis Bistro Calgary

Long have food lovers in Calgary yearned for a simple, classic French bistro delivering classic dishes at a reasonable price. After a trip to Cassis Bistro this past Friday I can safely say that our wait is over…and it was well worth it. Located at the base of the new Casel condo development on 17th […] Continue reading

Losing my Winemaking Virginity…Episode 2

  It had started as a whisper. A faint throbbing somewhere deep within my chest. A calling to move beyond textbooks, marketing, definitions and tasting rooms and to journey to the source. Slowly that whisper turned into a roar and I knew the time had come. In order to move forward with my development and into a new phase […] Continue reading