Nikka, from the barrel!

Japan is at it again!  I recently blogged about one of my favorite new beers from Japan (Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout) and as luck would have it I recently came across another great product from the land of the rising sun, Nikka Whisky, from the barrel.     Upon seeing Nikka for the first time […] Continue reading

The Pizza Yoda and his Epic Empties…

I recently celebrated the 27th anniversary of my jailbreak from the womb. Through the years I have come to realize some fundamental truths about both myself and the world I call home. Here are five personal revelations I would like to share with you today. 1. I hate Onions! – I tried. I really did. And although I’ve […] Continue reading

Wine Myths…Busted! Episode 1

As interest in wine in North America continues to grow, so does the volume of sheer mis-information on the subject. It seems the number of myths related to the world of wine is accumulating faster than Mel Gibsons career ending quotables. In order to clear the air and help to right some of these injustices […] Continue reading